2018-19 Competitions - Ossett & District Camera Club

2018 -19 Competitions

The Stuart Hobson Trophy

Photographer of the Year

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The Jack Parkin Memorial  Trophy

Highest score Print Running Competition

The Ossett Photography Centre Annual Trophy

Highest Projected Image score Running Competition

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The Heywood Award

The Highest Inter-Club Score

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2017-18 Award Winners

(Left to Right) Walt Covell Hon.Publicity Secretary, Petr Norton,

Terry Etherington CPAGB President, Tony Pratt CPAGB,

Joshua Whitehead, Chris Booth,Ian Sykes, Ashley Gatt,

David Smith Committee Member,

Margaret Woolmer Hon. General Secretary,

Ian K Whitehead Hon. Projected Image Competition Secretary,

Tom Stevens Hon.Print Competition Secretary,

Award Winners unable to attend, Sandra Bligh, Malcolm Parsley,

Stephen Dickenson.

Competition: Summer Landscape Print


Judge: David Goodier LSWPP LRPS

1st & The Goodchild & Fozzard Cup

 “Sheen Falls, County Kerry” by Terry Etherington

2nd,  “The Three Sisters” by Peter Norton

3rd, “Summer Allotment” by Tony Pratt

Commended,  “Stainforth” by Steve Gaimster

Commended, “Castle Hill” by Chris Booth

Running Competition Rnd 1,

Set-Subject: At Work,


Judge: Sandra Bligh


1st, Working the Streets by Chris Booth

2nd, The Ropery, Chatham dockyard by Margaret Woolmer

3rd, Fairground Worker by Chris Booth

4th, Heading Back by Margaret Gill


1st, The Sunnyside by Steve Gaimster

2nd, Ready to Dip by Margaret Gill

3rd, Keeping the Waterways Clear by Peter Norton

4th, Extracting DNA by Margaret Gill

Images awarded 20pts

ODCC v Normanton CC

"Iron Horse" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

ODCC v Batley DCC

"Bursting Through" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

"Bridge at Inverary" by Peter Norton

"Red Squirrel" by Walt Covell

"Hidden Hand of Cards" by Steve Hook

"Male Mandarin Duck" by Derek Smith

Competition: Annual Pictorial, DPI


Judge: Christine Hodgson BA(Phot) ARPS CPAGB

1st & The Alec Jolly Rose Bowl, Buttermere Pines by Walt Covell

2nd, High Rise by Ian Sykes

3rd, Heel to toe by Stephen Dickenson

Highly Commended, Splintered light by John Boothroyd

Commended, Peacock by Tom Stevens

Competition: Annual Portrait, DPI


Judge: Christine Hodgson BA(Phot) ARPS CPAGB

1st & The Ossett & District Colour Photo Club Cup, Flyers by Ian Sykes

2nd, Working Class Hero by Stephen Dickinson

3rd, Role Play by Margaret Gill

Highly Commended, Forties Girl by Ian Sykes

Commended, Looks like George by Tony Pratt

Running Competition Rnd 2,

Set-Subject: Hidden,


Judge: Tom Stevens


1st, Shrouded Peaks by Ian Sykes

2nd, Petrophora Chlorosata- Brown Silver Line Moth by Chris Booth

3rd, Nobody will see me under here by John Boothroyd

4th, Crepuscular Rays by Chris Booth


1st, Hidden hand of cards by Steve Hook

2nd, Keeping a watchful eye by Steve Gaimster

3rd, Overgrown by Margaret Gill

4th, Hidden Ha-Ha by Margaret Gill

Running Competition Rnd 3,

Three Prints on a Theme


Judge: Members

1st, Wasps by Tom Stevens (577pts)

2nd, Treasures of Tutankhamen by Ashley Gatt (575pts)

3rd, Hot Air Baloons by Jushua Whitehead (548pts)

4th, City Nights by Ian Sykes (523pts)

Competition: Annual Nature DPI


Judge: Grahame Gage

1st & The Basil Wade Cup, "Male Mandarin Duck" by Derek Smith

2nd, "Gannets" by John Boothroyd

3rd, "Black head gull in flight" by Walt Covell

HC, "Scarlet Macaw" by Ashley Gatt

C, "Swan & Escort" by Stephan Dickinson

C, "Kingfisher" by John Boothroyd

C, "Young Gannett" by Tom Stevens

Competition: Annual Record DPI


Judge: Grahame Gage

1st, & The Flesher Salver, "Hawker Siddeley Harrier by night" by Ian Sykes

2nd, "Wooden Horse" by Tom Stevens

3rd, "Tomato & Basil" by Chris Booth

HC, "Heinz Tomato & Basil Soup" by Chris Booth

C, "Chandelier Jellyfish by Regis Mathieu" by Ian Sykes

C, "Section in Bronze, Paddington Station" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

C, "1929 Fowler Steam Roller" by Terry Etherington

Running Competition Rnd 4,

Set-Subject: Altered Reality,

Judge: Members


1st, Surfing The Edge Of The Abyss by Ashley Gatt

2nd, Crystal Mase by Ashley Gatt

3rd, Not of this earth by Ian Sykes

4th, Scripted Portrait by Chris Booth

Competition: Annual Pictorial Print


Judge: Helen Smith & Rodney Smith CPAGB

1st & The Frank Award "Heading Home" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

2nd, "Llandudno Pier" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

3rd, "Up & away" by Stephen Dickenson

HC, "Driftwood Shelter" by Ian Sykes

HC, "Endurance & the Golden Gallopers" by Terry Etherington CPAGB

C, "Majestic Emerald Lake" by Tom Stevens

C, "Lowery Outlet" by Terry Etherington CPAGB

Competition: Annual Portrait Print


Judge: Helen Smith & Rodney Smith CPAGB

1st & The Wright Award "The Equestrians" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

2nd, "A Statement of Self Expression" by Stephen Dickenson

3rd, "Georgina" by Peter Norton

HC, "Young Punk" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

C, "Deep in Thought" by Chris Booth

Competition: Annual Nature Print


Judge: Brian Crossland LRPS

1st & The Basil Wade Cup,

" A Mute Swan Leaving The Water" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

2nd," Amur Leopard" by Tom Stevens

3rd, " Bulfinch (Pyrrhula Pyrrhula)" by Walt Covell

HC," Meerkat" by Tom Stevens

HC , " Rocky Mountain Sheep" by Tom Stevens

C, " Alpine Chough" by Ian Sykes

C," Puffin With Catch" by Walt Covell

Competition: Annual Record Print


Judge: Brian Crossland LRPS

1st & The Flesher Salver

" Elizabeth Stapleton Sculpture, Snaith Church" by Walt Covell

2nd, " The Stone Font And Abbey Beyond, Selby Abbey" by Tony Pratt CPAGB

3rd, " 1911 Fowler B6 Road Locomotive" by Terry Etherington CPAGB

HC, " Children’s Window, Goole Church" By Walt Covell

HC, " Historical Weapons And Armour" by Chris Booth

C, " F4 Phantom FGR2 XT914" by Ian Sykes

C, " The Angel Came Down, Thorne Church" by Walt Covell

C, " Sword Display, Warwick Castle" by Tom Stevens

Running Competition Rnd 5,

Set-Subject: Opposites,


Judge: Margaret Woolmer



Competition: Annual Projected Image of the Year


Judge: Gerry M Padgett LRPS DPAGB APAGB

Running Competition Rnd 6,

Set-Subject: Derelict Beauty,


Judge: Ian S Proctor